Leap Day is proving to be a lucky one for Music in the American Wild! Everything is coming together on the tour front, as we continue to confirm events in new spaces and start working out the details of each performance. Our June tour is officially set, so check out our TOUR page to see where you can find us early in the summer. We are so excited for our performances at Mammoth Cave, the Smokies, and Shenandoah, and we hope to provide our audiences there a new way to connect with these beloved parks - through music. If you can't make it to a park or prefer a more formal performance, you'll be able to hear us at some fantastic indoor venues along the way, including Locust Grove Historic Estate, The Theatre at Washington, Virginia, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. 

We've had a string of crazy, indecisive weather in our home base of Western New York the past few weeks, and our musicians are just itching to get outdoors to perform in and explore our country's national parks this summer. If you're also feeling that cabin fever, we here at MAW suggest checking out your favorite national park's social media feed. They're just killing it with their photos and videos this winter!