Pacific Northwest Tour Kickoff // 13 WHAM TV interview with Alexis Arnold // Seattle Times Plug

Hello friends!

Just five days left to help us with fundraising for our second tour. If you haven't yet, please check out all of the wonderful audio and video from our last tour on Kickstarter. Remember that every donation helps us to travel, perform and create media to share our music with more people like you!

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We just finished our first day of rehearsal for our tour of the Pacific Northwest, including San Juan Island National Historic Park, North Cascades National Park Complex, Mount Rainier National Park, and Olympic National Park. Our performance times and locations are all set at these locations: check out our TOUR page for more details.

To start the tour, we are performing at the George Eastman Museum to complement their current exhibit, "Photography and America's National Parks." This morning, we played on the local news station 13 WHAM ABC with Alexis Arnold and discussed our upcoming tour and weekend concert at the GEM. Check out this awesome interview!

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In addition, our Washington tour was plugged by the Seattle Times, suggesting things to do in area parks this summer. Nice!

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